One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

stepsSometimes life conspires to frustrate my best intentions.

About six months ago, I began learning tai chi. One of my sons practiced wushu, a related martial art, in college, and he repeatedly told me tai chi will help me live longer. Sounded like good enough motivation. I bought a training DVD last fall so I could practice at home and soon found it would require substantial time and effort. So I made a commitment to me, myself, and I that that I would keep practicing. And then in the spring, I would do tai chi under the dogwoods in my front yard, and in one of those loose, lovely, silky and flowing tai chi pants and jacket outfits. The outfit would be my personal reward.

I have been diligent. I practice every day. And I am much better. I think I look okay. Not great. But okay. I don’t look silly anymore. My leg is never going to kick up to my shoulder level, and my drops are never going to drop to the ground. But I’ve made considerable progress.

Spring is not so far away, so I spent several hours on Saturday and Sunday, shopping online for the lovely outfit. What I was looking for was not available at Amazon, so I ended up making a selection from an overseas company, which I will not name. All was fine, the prices were reasonable, the purchasing operation seemed to function properly.

First step backward. Last night, I received an email from the company requesting my gender, height and weight in cm and kg. Well, that’s kinda personal, but okay, I can do that. However, I couldn’t just reply to the email. Of course not. I had to use a link, which took me to the company’s website, and log into my account. This is what I tried to do, except now my account was locked because I tried accessing the account from a device that was different from the one I originally used. Still, all was okay. The online system was going to take me through a verification operation. It asked me for the phone number I used on the account. At this point it became clear I had a problem. When registering for my order, I provided my land line phone number even though they asked for a mobile number because I didn’t think it would matter. I guess it mattered. Well, now they were going to send my verification code to my land line, which doesn’t take a text. The bottom line: this company has literally no phone numbers to call (NONE), there is no email listed anywhere on the site, and their CHAT function seems to be a robot that addresses problems in a pre-programmed kind of way, and keeps asking me to sign in so it can handle my issue. Well, I can’t sign in because I am locked out. I couldn’t even find an area to type a question. As far as I can tell from perusing the internet, there is no way to call this company unless I speak Mandarin and want to call overseas. My son actually does speak Chinese, but I am not asking him to call about my order. I think today I will set up a new account and try to communicate in some way about the other account. Why do I think that isn’t going to work? And when is that rewarding boost of ‘mission accomplished’ endorphins going to kick in?

Second step backward. Medical appointments = stress. I respond to this equation in one of two ways. I either get it over with as soon as possible. Or I procrastinate to the point where I absolutely know it’s time, and then past time. Lately, I’ve been following method #2. Everything that I should have done in February was still there waiting for me in March. But then I was good. I got on the phone and scheduled what needed to be scheduled. Came time for the first appointment a couple of weeks ago, and the forecasters predicted snow. Yep, that’s all the discouragement I need. I cancelled what I had for that day and re-scheduled it for this week, so I would have the pleasant prospect of two back-to-back days of appointments, on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s practically the end of March. So what is the weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. Snow! Maybe significant snow. Really!?!

You’re wondering…where is my one step forward? This morning I got on the scale to weigh in. Well, good morning, Momentary! There is nothing more welcoming on a Monday morning than moving the next digit up on the scale.

Onward…it’s only Monday.


4 thoughts on “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

    1. momentaryreverie Post author

      Well, creating a new account didn’t work at all. But this time I tried giving them my cell phone number instead of the number on the acct and they took it. What kind of security is that? This place is so odd. The text said not to give the code to anyone, not even their staff. Well, Monday is looking better, anyhow.

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